The secrets of a lawyer

1 girl, 1 jurisdiction, 1001 things to say

What it’s all about


So, here I am. Writing a blog to probably zero readers but so desperate to spill it all that I’m willing to basically talk to myself. We’ll call me SOL (secrets of a lawyer – get it?), I’m not giving you my real name just yet.

2 months from qualifying. Yep, 2 months from being a lawyer and 2 months from being an actual proper grown up. fuck!

Rewind back to my days in the Uni library desperately trying to complete 10,000 job applications before midnight… if you told me I was going to actually be a lawyer back then I’d have said you were bonkers. I’d have also pictured a really tired, emotional, single haggered looking girl living off coffee and energy bars.

Well, fast forward ahead to today and that’s exactly what I am! An actual lawyer (well, nearly). A dream come true. And would you believe, I’m not that tired, emotional, or haggered! (single is definitely still applicable – you’ll soon see why).

As a soon-to-be lawyer in my twenties; single for the first time since I was 16; lover of booze and all things bad for you; a complete liability but with some big dreams to make happen along the way; I can’t keep my mouth shut any longer…

Here goes… (don’t judge me)