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Being a twenty something in today’s world is tough. We HAVE to be perfect and anything below that is not good enough. People compare themselves to the models they see on their newsfeeds and rate their happiness by how many likes they get on their instagram posts. We obsess over the snapchat filters and tinder likes and we strive to make our lives look perfect using all forms of social media.

Why do we do this? Nobody is perfect and no matter how much you hype your life up online, you’ll never find happiness that way. It’s a stupid way to live.

My trail of thought and subsequent word vomit came from something someone said to me the other day.

“You drink way too much. Every snapchat is you drunk. Do you think you should stop?”.

It was more the way that he said it rather than what he actually said. You know when you can literally feel someone judging you?.

What a BORING OLD FART. Honestly, give it a fucking rest.

I get this all the time. People forming an opinion on the fact that I go out a lot. Or that I haven’t settled down with a guy in over a year. Or that I get too drunk. My online presence gets judged. And this is the issue with today’s society. We don’t just get judged on our actions. But on our actions online. and that’s why were so OBSESSED with instagram, snapchat, facebook, the lot.

The beauty of this situation (and this is why I’m babbling it out in a blog post) is that in that moment I realised that I literally do not care. I just really do not give a shit what people think anymore. It is SO refreshing.

This whole self proclaimed realisation got me thinking. What’s changed? I used to care what people thought of me. So why am I so unbothered now?

It’s because I’m SO happy. I have the best friends ever. When I qualified as a lawyer, they got me flowers, chocolates, ice cream, wine, champagne, cake, balloons, dinner.

Your girl friends are your real soul mates; it’s a mantra I intend to live by.

These are the people who matter. Not the millions of morons out there gaining satisfaction out of scrutinising the way I live. Who gives a fuck?

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good instagram selfie as much as the next girl, but I’m not going to cry about it if someone thinks I look ugly.

Moral of the blog; fuck what the fucktards think.

Image result for what people think quotes
This quote sums it up perfectly