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I have a genuine question. I am utterly perplexed by something, or someone. Seriously, it is mind boggling. OK listen up.

This guy…we will call him SAP (South African Prick)…keeps messaging me out of the blue. I have history with SAP and we have never been friends. So when he started messaging me on the reg asking how my day was I assumed he was after the usual. I never really reply and I’m definitely not interested in him. But he persists on sending me the odd facebook message or two.

So, you’ll understand why I was confused to hear the other day from a friend of mine, that:


WTF?! DO THEY EVER GROW UP? Seriously, I’m losing the plot.

I swear, am I losing my mind or is it not completely innapropriate to be messaging a girl that you’ve had sex with and who you’re not friends with whilst you have a girlfriend?!

Call me old fashioned but fuck that for a laugh. Comments please?

Image result for shocked meme