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Last week, my ex boyfriend (B1) rang me with some rather alarming things to say. Before I go further I must explain myself. I seem to have started using this blog to rant -apologies if it’s becoming tiresome, but I’m starting to become rather attached to my little blogosphere. If you don’t want to hear my rant I’d stop reading here. If you want in on the next phase of the 6 year long saga I seem to have going on with the dickhead known as B1 then do read on.

Apparently, B1 is still in love with me. Apparently, we’re meant to be together. Apparently, he wants to rekindle that flame he pissed on a while back.

Well, B1, isn’t it a shame you didn’t think those thoughts when you fucked our relationship 3 years ago?

This, boys and girls, is the classic behaviour of a:

Grade A Wanker. 

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You see, Grade A Wankers like to have you dangling there on the sidelines so that if they ever want round 2, you’re right there to pick off the shelf. You’re a toy in their ego workshop and boy do they hate being low on stock.

A lot of guys do it. To be honest, I am guilty of it too. People are selfish. I think we should stick with dildos.

Look B1, I’m kind of, sort of, completely OVER IT. I can’t be arsed with this long, drawn out love story anymore babes. You broke it, and you can’t fix it. Love isn’t easy but jesus it shouldn’t be this complicated.

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I think I’m finally done with you B1.