All my posts thus far have either been about sex, men or relationships (is that a reflection of how my mind works?!). I’m switching it up a little and writing about the serious(ish) side of my life.


As a lawyer, I’ve been exposed to a lot. Whether it be:

  • the founder of FTSE 100 Company; or
  • One of the world’s most famous musicians; or
  • A local politician destined for success…

You name it, I’ve shaken its hand (don’t worry I have my anti-bac gel on me at all times).

And amid all of their success, knowledge and experience, these people look to me for help. Me, the girl who tells her accounts manager the size of a guys willy. Yes, that girl,  charging them £200.00 an hour for my advice.

Even with their brains and their money and their success, none of these clients were my ‘favourite’. Every lawyer has a favourite. Its like a pit-stop on the bus down the legal highway.

So, who’s my favourite? Well, I have six favourites. Six black and brown favourites:

Image result for spaniel puppies meme

Chained to a fence enclosed by barbed wire, bruised, bitten, beaten and broken, were these six little puppies. New to the world and already so defeated, I was completely swallowed up by their plight.

The police constable wanted the owner of the puppies punished for what he had done. She showed me  photographic evidence which turned my stomach and watered my eyes. The scenes were unbearable, gut wrenching even.

If I didn’t completely throw myself into this case, I’d be strangled by the emotion and guilt that would follow. So that is exactly what I did, I made the bastard pay.

How? In the Crown Court on 26 February 2016. That day will stay with me forever.

As he turned up to court, he made me realise that the men I’ve come across in my time are nothing compared to this guy. What a scumbag. His defence?

“I couldn’t afford vet bills”.


2 days of trial and 2 days of me pleading with the judge to impose the most serious sentence possible on this wanker, WE WONJustice was given under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

My six favourite clients are in their new home, healthy and happy. And me? I got stood up by Headfuck (see previous blog post) the day after trial – How does that work?!

Karma is not my friend, but puppies are.