Like a frog on crack leaping across the globe, I have visited more places than I can remember. Addicted to adventure, exploration and new beginnings, I’m in love with the world and everything within it. Who wouldn’t be?

PREACH! Get out there and find yourself…Blah Blah Blah (banging on about wanderlust isn’t the point of this post, even if I am its biggest fan).

As of October, I am heading to the golden part of the globe for 3 weeks. Australia. The land filled with salt, sea and seeeeeriously good looking/good sounding men (cue the stories – this is why you stay single girls).

Having long considered a move to Australia, I’d love to be able to practice out there one day. The issue is that they don’t really look at hiring you unless you’re passed 1 year post qualification. So for now, I’ll ride out the waiting game and deal with the shitty British men until my time comes/cums (apologies to any English men out there – I’m sure you are different from the rest).

In the meantime, does sleeping my way around oz count as networking?

If I make it to Brisbane I think I’ll visit this diva – she can be my first pro bono case:

“Faced with a tough legal challenge, a law academic should be able to strip away anything superficial and quickly get to the bottom of the matter.

Megumi Ogawa, a lecturer in law, did that unconventionally when representing herself in an Australian trial recently. Unimpressed by the prosecution’s case against her, she lowered her trousers and bared her buttocks at the judge.

For presenting her rebuttal in that way, she was given a predictably poor mark and jailed for four months for contempt by the Brisbane District Court”.

What a girl…GO Megumi!