tumblr_m6a6cf6bo91qkfvdvo1_r3_1280When you’re in your twenties, you don’t really have a clue what you’re doing. In life, in love, in everything. You just kind of float through hoping you’re not going to kill yourself through a caffeine overdose or alcohol poisoning. Well, I do any way – woops!

You have family members and old friends constantly asking, “how’s work? how’s your love life? are you still living with your parents?”. “I’m in the same job, i’m still single, i hope to move out next year“. It’s always the same questions and the same answers and sometimes you just want to tell them all to fuck off!

But sometimes, just sometimes, something good happens in our twenties. It reminds us that we’re not a complete fuck up and actually we might have something going for us. The dreams we had as 5 year old kids and the plans we had as 16 year old teenagers suddenly come back to us and we’re given just a little bit of light to keep us going.

Any law student will be able to relate to the above. Because for the hope-to-be lawyers out there, life is filled with “how’s the job hunt going? How did your interview go? Did you hear back from that senior partner?”… we fill out the applications, sit through the verbal reasoning tests, stalk the fuck out of the managing partner..only to find out we aren’t even worthy enough for an interview.


This, mixed with what I like to call the twenty-life-crisis, can really send us over the edge. And people wonder why we turn to booze every weekend?!

But to all my non-existent readers out there;

there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Trust your journey and yourself, and remember, we’re all as fucking clueless as you are!