london-viewYou know those girls that really have their shit together? The ones that have one gin & tonic for the entire night and the ones who wake up feeling fresh as a daisy the next morning? I’m not one of those girls. 

This was revealed one Friday evening at a networking event in chambers in London.

“…I’m going to be so classy. I’ll get the 11:30 p.m. train home and I’ll only have one drink”

That was the first memorable quote of the night. The second…

“Come and see my office. It’s on the 32nd floor of that glass building across the road”

Those words came out of the mouth of the MOST beautiful man. Crystal blue eyes, golden tanned skin AND a lawyer? How could I resist? I didn’t.

He had the 24 hour security guard open the door to the building, lead me into the lift up to what felt like the clouds, showed me his office and took me outside to the terrace. Yep, this guy had me on a rooftop terrace on the 32nd floor of a law firm drinking Bollinger out of a crystal glass.

Fast forward 10 minutes and he’s kissing my neck, his hands are around my waist, he’s unbuttoning my shirt and then he turns me around to look out over London and it’s beautiful bright lights.

I’ll stop there.

That’s the moment I realised, I LOVE THE SINGLE LIFE! 

Relationships and great and all, but actually, what’s wrong with having a bit of fun while we still can? Before we have to get married, have kids and lose sight of nights like these?

In todays world, we all seem to be so obsessed with finding “the one” and tying the knot so we can brag to all our friends by the age of 25. But actually, what if “the one” is looking right back at you in the mirror? We’re only young, so why not enjoy the time we have to get to know ourselves, before throwing in another person to the mix?

Moral of the story? It’s ok to be single. In fact, it’s great.