I’m not kidding, when you go into law, one of the most important things you have to learn, is that:


It’s either alone and single eating ice cream whilst crying to Gossip Girl on a Friday night , or having a shit career but a perfect relationship. Sorry. There’s no in between.

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But seriously, the law screwed the best relationship I’ve ever had.

We’ve all been there. Our first love. Our first proper relationship. Naive, innocent and no idea what’s coming. Well it came, it bloody came! 2 days before the biggest exams I’d ever taken. My Christmas finals at law school.

Take a girl, give her 3 hours sleep a night, take away her time to eat, give her 6 cups of coffee a day then ask her to memorise thousands of pages of legal jargon. What do you get? One HOT MESS.

So, now you’ve got the context there, here’s what happened.

You know that one girl your boyfriend tells you is his good friend? The girl that really isn’t his good friend? The girl he’s bonked but pretends he hasn’t? yeah, well, that girl came rolling into my relationship and boy did she leave a mark.

Now, being that hot mess dealing with the girl you’re boyfriend has clearly bonked, take yourself over to your computer, to facebook, to the girl’s profile, to a picture of them at drinks (just them two). what do you get? one ANGRY HOT MESS.

I saw red and I flipped. I’m not the jealous or crazy type – really. But with the lack of sleep, the pressure and the stress that really did send me over the edge. Lets just say I lost the plot.

24 hours no reply from your boyfriend…what do you do? TAKE TO A TEXT:

"hello? remember me? your girlfriend?"

"you aren't my girlfriend anymore"

I don’t think I have ever experienced pain like that before. My heart was ripped out in that second and I blacked out. Next thing I know, I’ve almost been run over, I’ve jumped the tube, I’ve got the train out of London to his house, I’ve had a panic attack and i’m sobbing to a man who has no idea who I am but is actually crying because of the pain he can see I’m in.

"I don't want you coming into my house. I don't want to see you. Go away".

Can you imagine hearing those words from who you thought was the love of your life? I can still feel the sickness in my stomach now. Clearly, it was over from that night.

Anyway, after that I soon realised; I need a guy who is going to understand my ambitions and my career. Not some dickhead who runs as soon as it gets tough.

And guess what? 2 days after one of the worst moments of my life, I took my finals and passed with 98%. Me and mum went shopping and bought an entire new wardrobe. I moved flat into the nicest place I’ve ever lived.

And look at me now! Girls, he’s not worth your tears.